A 2,500 year old healing art that combines reflexology, applied Hatha Yoga, Sen (energy line) therapy & acupressure into a massage form that is deeply relaxing and therapeutic. Opening and releasing tensions and blockages, it revitalizes the healthy flow of Qi energy. Our Thai Massage Therapy, is a fully clothed, series of stretches & pressures, to alleviate tension in your area of need. An overall body session needs minimum 90 minutes up to 3 hours. It is a very thorough & therapeutic massage & excellent relief of tension—all within your comfort level.

EXCELLENT FOR: jet lag, sciatica, PMS, lower back aches, stiff necks,
constipation, pregnancy, tight shoulders, health maintenance.

60 min
90 min
120 min
3 hours



Tui Na is a form of Traditional Oriental massage. It is used in conjunction with Acupuncture or as a stand alone treatment. Tui Na follows the Traditional Oriental medical concepts of the theory of the flow of Qi (energy) influencing the body’s channel/meridian pathways to restore, revitalize and relax the body. By applying special massage techniques along these meridian pathways it promotes a harmonious flow of Qi throughout the body, enabling one to heal itself naturally. Chinese herbal liniments may be used to assist treatment. One will typically feel relaxed yet energized by the treatment.

30 min


Warm Jade Stone Massage (Acupunture Treatment Enhancer)

An Asian inspired therapeutic pohaku/hot stone style massage. The healing properties of warm jade stones in combination with a unique style of Hawaiian lomi lomi, classic Swedish style strokes and muscle releasing stretches allow you to relax and experience relief, decompressing your body's stresses.

Benefits of Jade Stones:
· Prevents chronic illness
· Releases toxins & increases overall health
· Decreases high blood pressure
· Strengthens blood vessels & smoothes wrinkles
· Diminishes stress, fatigue & burnout
· Regulates female functions


Currently only offered in combination with acupunture treatment

Prices subject to change.